The Mass Transit Chair

By Christi Pelt
In Before and After
Oct 21st, 2013

This was another major purchase for our family. And, by “major purchase,” I mean that we coughed up $5 for it. That’s a lot when you’re used to getting things for free.DSCF2368

This chair had been reupholstered in, what can best be described as, “mass transit seat fabric.” I’m not sure where one goes to purchase such a fabric, but it was durable, and appeared to be flame retardant.DSCF2366

First, Landon removed the mass transit fabric and the seat padding. I know. I know. Our falutin’ level is out of control—first paying money for a chair and then removing fabric just because touching it made up want to reach for the hand sanitizer.DSCF2374DSCF2372

The chair doesn’t have any markings, but it appears to be from the late 50s or early 60s. The style is unique, if unique is a synonym for “weird.”DSCF2369

DSCF2401Landon sanded the legs and stained them in a cherry finish. He added fresh padding to the seat and chair back. He selected a solid, blue canvas fabric, but that looked a little boring. To add interest, Landon added five button tufts to the front of the seat back and nailhead trim to the back.DSCF2437

DSC02132DSC02134DSCF2422DSC02128DSC02129That’s it. The result is a chair that doesn’t even remotely remind us of mass transit.

8 Responses to “The Mass Transit Chair”

  1. Bethany says:

    I have a plan. You and Landon can come to my house. He can put a new seat on an antique chair that I love while you and I sit around shooting the breeze. :)

    • Christi Pelt says:

      That sounds like a most delightful plan. Of course, once Landon started playing with the little W’s, he might forget all about your chair!

  2. Mara says:

    Love it! The design is, indeed unique. The seat almost seems to be floating over the frame. But you’ve made it seem intentional and look beautiful. Also, where’d you get that Monopoly pillow?

    • Christi Pelt says:

      Thank you, Mara! Landon made the Monopoly pillow. He cut the piece of orange fabric to the size of printer paper. He used a glue stick to adhere the fabric to the piece of paper. Then, since the fabric is thin, he simply printed up the image on the orange fabric. When the image was on the fabric, he peeled the piece of paper from the back and whipped up a pillow on the machine.

  3. Oh, well done, Landon!!!
    Love the buttons, and the back of the chair, especially!!!

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