How We Met This Campaign Nightstand

By Christi Pelt
In Before and After
Apr 21st, 2014

Kids, I’m going to tell you a story about how we met this campaign nightstand. It was “like at first sight.” This curbside find wasn’t as pitiful looking as the majority of the items we haul home. In fact, if the paint had not been chipping from the top, we would have left it as we found it. But the paint was chipping and a makeover was in order.


The nightstand was painted a solid, robin’s egg blue when we brought it home. Every part of it was blue. The hardware hadn’t even been removed before painting. It looked nice from a distance, but closer inspection revealed flaws. Yet, we really loved the color. Hmm… What to do?DSC03442DSC03443DSC03439

Never let anyone tell you that television is a total waste of time. If we hadn’t been binge watching “How I Met Your Mother” on Netflix, Landon might never have noticed the side table that is beside the sofa in Ted’s apartment. While Ted was waiting to meet the future mother of his children, we were drooling over the table that was eerily similar to our nightstand.14_himym_560x375

Since the paint on the drawers was in good shape, Landon left those in the robin’s egg blue. He removed the hardware and soaked it in soapy, warm water to remove the paint. DSC03445DSC03452

DSC03451DSC03455Then he sanded the paint from the body of the nightstand. He repainted it in glossy black.DSC03448

After being restored to its original brass finish, the hardware was reattached. The drawers were put back in place.DSC03456

DSC03459We already had the black paint, so this project cost us $0 out of pocket. And, that, children, is how we met this campaign nightstand.

6 Responses to “How We Met This Campaign Nightstand”

  1. Kathryn says:

    Another amazing transformation!

  2. Maria La Plante says:

    Nice! Love hardware the black…Awesome!

  3. Helen says:


    This is amazing!

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